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Here are some of the "old-school" Sonic images released from Sega from roughly 1991 - 1997.
Sonic01.jpg (63002 bytes) Sonic02.jpg (60857 bytes) Sonic03.jpg (64865 bytes) Sonic04.jpg (64075 bytes) Sonic05.jpg (60163 bytes) Sonic06.jpg (69916 bytes) Sonic07.jpg (66157 bytes) Sonic08.jpg (66012 bytes) Sonic09.jpg (57145 bytes) Sonic0a.jpg (41027 bytes)
Sonic0b.jpg (29511 bytes) Sonic0c.jpg (37588 bytes) Sonic0d.jpg (31575 bytes) Sonic0e.jpg (27600 bytes) Sonic0f.jpg (27458 bytes) Sonic10.jpg (72406 bytes) Sonic11.jpg (49006 bytes) Sonic12.jpg (58820 bytes) Sonic13.jpg (61387 bytes) Sonic14.jpg (71519 bytes)
Sonic15.jpg (58908 bytes) Sonic16.jpg (65997 bytes) Sonic17.jpg (56075 bytes) Sonic18.jpg (63586 bytes) Sonic19.jpg (64737 bytes) Sonic20.jpg (60419 bytes) Sonic21.jpg (64616 bytes) Sonic22.jpg (57373 bytes) Sonic23.jpg (58731 bytes) Sonic24.jpg (53813 bytes)
Sonic25.jpg (60963 bytes) Sonic26.jpg (28435 bytes) Sonic27.jpg (28556 bytes) Sonic28.jpg (24833 bytes) Sonic29.jpg (25162 bytes) Sonic30.jpg (26297 bytes) Sonic31.jpg (30929 bytes) Sonic32.jpg (30978 bytes) Sonic33.jpg (30679 bytes) Sonic34.jpg (26079 bytes)
Sonic35.jpg (36424 bytes) Sonic36.jpg (20120 bytes) Sonic37.jpg (26752 bytes) Sonic38.jpg (32781 bytes) Sonic39.jpg (30893 bytes) Sonic40.jpg (47371 bytes) Sonic42.jpg (48107 bytes) Sonic43.jpg (31741 bytes) Sonic44.jpg (38883 bytes) Sonic46.jpg (30875 bytes)
Sonic48.jpg (43641 bytes) Sonic4a.jpg (33062 bytes) Sonic4b.jpg (29809 bytes) Sonic4c.jpg (33283 bytes) Sonic4d.jpg (46513 bytes) Sonic50.jpg (25813 bytes) Sonic51.jpg (34787 bytes) Sonic52.jpg (37492 bytes) Sonic53.jpg (74965 bytes) Sonic54.jpg (67075 bytes)
Sonic55.jpg (77403 bytes) Sonic56.jpg (80279 bytes) Sonic57.jpg (66712 bytes) Sonic58.jpg (77244 bytes) Sonic59.jpg (84592 bytes) Sonic60.jpg (79243 bytes) Sonic61.jpg (71742 bytes) Sonic62.jpg (70361 bytes) Sonic63.jpg (67976 bytes) Sonic64.jpg (74064 bytes)
Sonic65.jpg (102947 bytes) Sonic66.jpg (90607 bytes) Sonic67.jpg (77802 bytes) Sonic68.jpg (80187 bytes) Sonic69.jpg (98448 bytes) Sonica_.jpg (24486 bytes) Sonicb_.jpg (48803 bytes) Sonicc_.jpg (34120 bytes) Sonicd_.jpg (22989 bytes) Sonice_.jpg (54896 bytes)
Sonicf_.jpg (38050 bytes) Sonicg_.jpg (42451 bytes) Sonich_.jpg (41115 bytes) Sonici_.jpg (48016 bytes) Sonicj_.jpg (39515 bytes) Sonick_.jpg (43038 bytes) Sonicl_.jpg (46434 bytes) Sonicm_.jpg (67819 bytes) Sonicn_.jpg (52492 bytes) Sonico_.jpg (51632 bytes)
Omake.jpg (35358 bytes) snap.jpg (27921 bytes) Sonicjam_0.jpg (70157 bytes) Sonicjam_1.jpg (34224 bytes) Sonicjam_2.jpg (41600 bytes) Sonicjam_3.jpg (56374 bytes)
Here are the current "new age" official Sonic images that Sega released since the release of the Dreamcast and Sonic Adventure.
cd_4.jpg (41445 bytes) cd_teambest.jpg (34674 bytes) cd_vocalmini.jpg (41862 bytes) DCOpen01.jpg (27622 bytes) DCOpen03.jpg (23029 bytes) DCOpen04.jpg (27342 bytes) DCOpen05.jpg (25600 bytes) DCOpen06.jpg (23224 bytes) Kb_amy1.gif (100736 bytes) KB_KNUCK1.gif (142553 bytes)
KB_SONIC1.gif (244708 bytes) KB_TAILS1.gif (97317 bytes) SAMAINPOST.jpg (50437 bytes) sa-amy.jpg (42803 bytes) sa-big.jpg (27330 bytes) sa-e102.jpg (32968 bytes) sa-eggman.jpg (53262 bytes) sa-knuckles.jpg (27293 bytes) sa-sonic.jpg (25611 bytes) sa-tails.jpg (44320 bytes)
sonic_2.jpg (62351 bytes) sonic_4.jpg (67946 bytes) sonic_5.jpg (98119 bytes) sonic_Av DJ.jpg (50106 bytes) sonic_logo.jpg (16719 bytes) sonic_southamerica1.jpg (11610 bytes) sonic1202c.jpg (21003 bytes) sonic4.jpg (62805 bytes) sonicad.jpg (22925 bytes)
sonicadventure_logo.gif (26596 bytes) sonicadventure_southamerica.jpg (21375 bytes) SonicAv Box_1.jpg (21441 bytes) sonicdcmag.gif (66451 bytes) sonicgamefan.gif (24719 bytes) SonicOnDreamcast.jpg (17183 bytes) sonictradead1big.jpg (90346 bytes) sa2-eggman.gif (31820 bytes) sa2-knuckles.gif (27950 bytes) sa2-rouge.gif (28269 bytes)
sa2-shadow.gif (24429 bytes) sa2-sonic.gif (23233 bytes) sa2-tails.gif (30003 bytes)

Amy GIFs

Amy         Amy Special Stage  
Amy Running Amy Matrix  
Amy Walking

Chao GIFs

Chao Walking  Chao Dancing 
Chao   Chao Dancing 2 
Chao Flying Chao 2
Chao Save   Chao Walking 2 

Flicky GIFs

Flicky Bird Flicky Green  
Flicky  Red Flicky Pink  
Flicky Blue    

Metal GIFs

Metal Running Metal Waving
Mecha Charging Metal Flying 2
Metal Charging Metal Super
Metal Flying  
Charmy GIFs

Charmy Jumping         Charmy Waiting    
Charmy Walking     

Espio GIFs

Espio Ducking    Espio Walking   
Espio Looking Up   Espio Spinning  
Espio Running   Espio Waiting   

Mighty GIFs

Mighty Ducking   Mighty Walking 2  
Mighty Running  Mighty
Mighty Spinning   Mighty Waiting  
Mighty Walking   Mighty Running 2 

Vector GIFs

Vector    Vector Waiting

Badniks GIFs

Crabmeat Spider 
Robo Bat

Robotnik GIFs

Anime Robotnik  Robotnik Waiting 
Blast Egg  Robotnik Jumping
Robotnik Dancing   Robotnik Rocket  
Robotnik Laughing  Robotnik Running 
Robotnik Blast  Robotnik Hit 
Egg Mobile SA Robotnik

Ray GIFs

Ray   Ray Waiting  
Ray Running   Ray Walking
Ray Waving Ray Flying

Character GIFs

Manic Rolling  Lex Spinning 
Manic Waiting  Lex Walking
Bunnie Running  Nack "Fang"  
Nack "Fang" Laughing

Other GIFs

Chemical Plant Border Giant Ring Spinning
Base Zone Lift   Go Back

Ring Spinning Sonic 2 BETA Lamp 
Squirrel Sonic 2 Lamp 
Ashura Special Stage Sphere
Chaos Emerald SEGA Token  
Ring Sonic & Knuckles Spinning Logo
Knuckles GIFs

Knuckles Glowing  Kncukles on the Master Emerald
Knuckles Waving Knuckles Punching 3
Knuckles Special Stage Knuckles Rotating
Hyper Knuckles Knuckles Waiting
Knuckles 3D Knuckles Waiting 2
Knuckles Punching Knuckles Walking
Knuckles Climbing Super Knuckles
Knuckles Laughing Super Knuckles Flying
Knuckles Punching 2 Knuckles Underwater
Knuckles Running Knuckles Flying
Knuckles Running 2 Knuckles Mail
Knuckles Gliding
Tails GIFs

Super Tails Without Birds Tails Swiming
Tails Flying Tails Spring
Tails Plane   Tails Dancing
Tails Thumbs Up Tails Ducking
Tails Walking Tails Waiting
Tails Ball Tails Tired
SA Tails Tails Boss  
Super Tails Tails Yawning
Tails Leaning Tails Gliding
Tails Flying The Tornado Tails Anime
Sonic GIFs

Sonic 1 Title Sonic 2 Title
Sonic 3 Intro Sonic 1 Title 2
Sonic Waiting Sonic Chasing
Hyper Sonic Sonic Destroy
Sonic Rolling Sonic 2
Sonic Show Hyper Sonic 2
Title Pop-Out   Sonic Pointing
Sonic Walking Strangely Sonic Looking Up
Sonic Holding an Emerald Strange Sonic Running
Sonic Monitor Sonic Running
Sonic Sonic Ultra
Blaze Sonic Super Sonic
Sonic Spindash

Sonic GIFs

Red Sonic Sonic Losing Balance
Sonic Running Backwards Sonic Falling Down
Sonic Falling Sonic Flipping
Sonic Pushing Sonic Losing Balance 2
Sonic Side-Ways Sonic Losing Balance 3
Sonic Forward Unknown Sonic 2
Sonic Charge Up   Sonic Number 1
SA Sonic Sonic With Ring
Sonic Running 2 Sonic Running 3
Sonic Waiting 2 Sonic Running 4
Sonic Anime Sonic Running 5
Unknown Sonic Sonic Running 6
Sonic Running Fast
Sonic Running Fast 2 Sonic Dancing
Sonic Running Backwards 2 Sonic Running 9
Sonic Spinning Sonic & Knuckles on the Master Emerald
Sonic Spindash Charge Dance Sonic Dance!!!
Sonic and Tails Super Sonic 2
Sonic on the Tornado Sonic Snowboarding
Sonic Waiting 3  Sonic Morph
Sonic Walking Sonic Logo
Sonic Shaking Off Sonic Token
Anime Sonic Sonic Waiting 4
Sonic Running 7 Sonic Tapping
Sonic Falling 2  
Sonic Running 8
Sonic Turning Super Unknown Sonic 3
Super Sonic 3 Sonic Running 11
Super Sonic Running Sonic Come On!
Super Sonic Hovering Super Sonic Charge
Super Sonic Hovering 2 Sonic Spindash 2 
Sonic Swinging Sonic Warp!  
Sonic Whistle Sonic Balancing
Sonic Running 10  


sonic pix